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АКЦИЯ !!!! Скидка на прокат автомобиля Mercedes S550 221 AMG
There are no translations available. Ниже ЦЕНЫ еще не было!!! Только до 10 июня Скидка 20%  на: Прокат и аренду автомобиля Mercedes S550 221 AMG Long   ВСЕ ЕЩЕ НЕ РЕШИЛИСЬ ВЗЯТЬ ... Read More
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Rental Business class avto Toyota Camry E50
Характеристики Цвет: Черный, графит, белая Кузов: Седан КПП: автомат - 6 ступен. Кол. мест: 5 Расход топл.: 8,3 л. Емкость бака:  70 ... Read More
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Car rental Acura MDX
2013-12-05 14:42:17
Car rental Acura MDX
Характеристики Цвет: Белый перламутр Кузов: Универсал КПП: Автомат - 6 ступен. Кол. мест: 7 Расход топл.: 14,9 л. Емкость бака: 85 л. Стоимость ... Read More
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SweetCar Contact details
Veresneva str. 24,
zip code 02099

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: +38 (044) 599-98-55
Fax: +38 (093) 505-62-32
Mobile Phone Number: +38 (099) 533-87-68

Information: Svitkar Ukraine - is a fast-growing company with lots of potential, energetic team, full of positive emotions. European level of service, loyalty and custom approach to each client.

Svitkar Ukraine - is not only a rental and rent a car, it saves your time, freedom and independence, happiness and comfort, we cherish and value every customer.

You do not just pay the money for a rental car, you are helping to build and develop the Ukrainian business, which leads to the stability and growth of the company. Taking a car, you bring happiness not only to themselves but also to our entire team of Svitkar, and this management, business development director, technical director, the staff at the station, the CEO group.

Someone may say, "What's wrong with that, I just took the car", but then turns on a invisible mechanism boils life, every new customer, it's like a first date, it takes time, whatever relationship developed into a strong friendship. It's like a living organism, when you feel good, then we are well, when you do not have much, then we are not all ok.

In this section, usually write about us, and we, in turn, would like to thank every customer who became a member of the formation of our company, you have uncountable contribution to our development.


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