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Car decoration for a wedding - Kiev, Ukraine.

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Decorating the wedding cars is a complex wedding florist. The basis for the car is the style for the general mood of the wedding - retro style gansterskaya wedding, black and white, traditional wedding, and many other options. It all depends on your imagination.


Florists «Lovely Flowers» use all their knowledge and skills in decorating wedding cars to realize your wishes. Specifically in order to make the wedding a walk around the city, can be ordered of any vintage car or a limousine. Even better, if it is a convertible. To date, the choice of transport for weddings is very diverse.


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In this design the wedding for the bride not zakanchivaetsya important to choose a wedding bouquet, for on his choice depends on the nature and style of the wedding as a whole. Glasses too young decorated with fresh flowers in the style of the bride's bouquet and groom's boutonniere as they will drink from them all holiday..


The main decoration of the banquet hall to become desktop composition newlyweds. Facilities can be issued: garlands, fabric, floor tracks, vases of flowers, arch, rose petals, etc etc.


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What would give you the long-awaited evening a romantic mood, our florists will make a unique and exclusive design of the bedroom and bathroom. Which you will be remembered for a lifetime.


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Перечень услуг:


  • Букеты
  • Композиции
  • Горшечные растения
  • Корзины с фруктами
  • Свадебная флористика
  • Оформление свиданий и романтических вечеров цветами
  • Подарки и музыкальное поздравление

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