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General conditions in Kiev / car rental / lease agreement auto

Car rental conditions


  Necessary documents


  • passport
  • identification number (for the citizens of Ukraine )
  • driver license valid on the territory of Ukraine


Requirements to the Renter


  •  minimal age -  21
  •  driving experience- from 2 years


Rent rates


When you rent a car without a driver, the rent rate includes service, third parties insurance but doesn't include the fuel rate. The rent rate for a day presupposes that the car will be used by the Renter 24 hours. If the rent prolongation wasn't discussed in advance and the Renter delayed with the return of the car more than for two hours (2), Renter then should pay full rent rate for the next 24 hours. If the car is in rent for the period from 1 to 3 days the maximum mileage shouldn't exceed 300 km per 24 hours; if this limit is exceeded the Renter should pay extra fee which amounts to 0,20 USD per kilometer. If you rent a car for a longer period, our rent rates preview discounts. Also you can take advantage of the hourly rent service or transfer and you will be delivered a car to any place anytime, also you can adjust additional facilities. Client should pay additionally 100 UAH for receiving and issuing of the car on the weekend.

The payment is made according to the commercial rate in national currency on the day of payment.


Security deposit

The amount of security deposit for the moment of rent depends on the model of the car in rent. Upon accomplishment of all the terms of the contract the security deposit is returned to the Renter immediately after the car is returned.


Exploitation of the rent car outside of Kiev


Renter can use a rent car outside of Kiev to travel across Ukraine without paying additional security deposit. In case of incident, road traffic accident, accident or car damage, injury, material damage or robbery, Renter covers all the expenses on car transportation to Kiev, car temporary storage and if necessary temporary minor repairs etc.


Renter’s responsibilities


Nobody is secured against the emergency situations. For this case we have a set of recommended actions. There can occur a car theft, a car can be accidentally damaged, scratched, glass can be broken. In case of any damage inflicted, the Renter will be the one responsible. The level of responsibility is identified within the measures of the sum of the security deposit. For sure, all the details of the situation are taken into account and thoroughly expertized.


The Renter can bear responsibility in the following cases. Firstly, if he is really the one to blame in the situation that took place. Secondly, in case of absence of the second respondent. For example, in case of the car theft. Thirdly, if there are no documents from police that can confirm innocence of the Renter.


Besides, the Renter is responsible for the technical state of a car for the rent period. If upon return the car has damages or doesn't correspond to the previous state of exploitation, the Renter should pay the repair in compliance with security contract signed.

Any administrative fine issued to the Renter for the period of the rent, should be paid by him in full amount.




In case of incident, road traffic accident, accident or car damage, injury, material damage or robbery, IRRESPECTIVELY OF THE FACT WHO IS GUILTY, THE RENTER SHOULD CALL POLICE/STATE TRAFFIC INSPECTION and inform the car rent company about the situation (not later than 24 hours from the moment of the incident). Otherwise, the Renter will be the one to take responsibility.


Fine sanctions


In case if the car documents or key, or number plate are lost or stolen, in case of the car damage, the sum for compensation of the damage are taken from the security deposit of the Renter.


Rent with a driver


If renting a car with a driver, Renter pays for this service only and doesn't bare any responsibility for a car (damage, theft, etc). The minimum term of the rent with a driver is 3 hours + 1 hour for delivery.


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